Monday, March 4, 2013


Occasionally, there are moments in our crazy house of chaos where everything falls into place. Moments of calm, quiet, peaceful activity with no banging, jumping, falling down on purpose, throwing things, excessive talking or fits. These moments are often difficult to orchestrate by design, without electronics. It requires everyone being adequately fed, exercised, stretched, squished, and clothed just right. It can't happen if anyone is overtired, or over-bored. And just the right activity must be available. That is why these moments tend to happen by accident, and I haven't yet figured out all the right things to make them happen with greater frequency. Which is kind of sad, because they are truly precious!

For a very long time we have not been able to permit Kit access to crayons, markers, paint, play dough, even pencils because of her constant tendency to eat these items. The kids would often forget to completely put these things out of her reach, and almost a guarantee, we would shortly find her biting the tips off markers, her whole mouth and hands stained bright pink, or orange, or purple! Or she would have tiny fistfuls of crayons and after prying them from her death-grip, find that none had tips left on them and significant chunks were missing from the middles.
So then it was a very big deal that this time she actually used the crayons for coloring! Without eating them!
Well, mostly.

Sneaking a taste of the rainbow.

On a side note, I finally got some good pics of the way Kit holds her crayon/pen/writing utensils in general. She expressed no interest in these objects except to eat them until one day around 14 months old I gave her a notebook and showed her how a pen makes marks on the paper. Since then every time she writes with something, she holds it with a completely correct grip. Never seen that before. She is clearly right handed, which is also unusual at her age.

Pealing the paper back.

Hmmmm...More questions, less answers.
Guess it's what keeps our life so colorful!

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  1. Judy, these pics are fantastic - they are their own story. :-)