Monday, March 25, 2013

From Snap, Crackle, Pop to Pillow Talk

Well, maybe not as exciting as the title led you to believe, but we kept busy yesterday anyway.

Here is the surprise I walked in on. Kit was sitting right in the middle of it when I found her. Feeding herself fistfuls of course.

Half of a giant bag of Rice Krispies dumped out on the bench. Miraculously, there was relatively little on the floor.

Grace's animals seem happy to have a snack!

To put in perspective how much cereal this is, here it is in my 13x9 inch baking dish. This was what we were able to salvage for future consumption.

Hope your Sunday afternoon was far more relaxing! 

Here's what else she's been up to.

She has a new sleep oddity to add to her ever growing list. In the past we've occasionally laid a pillow over her legs and hips to provide pressure when she sleeps. Sometimes it works and others not so much. Lately though, as in for the last five days, she has been wanting a pillow on her. She has actually pulled one on top of her, then laid back down and fallen back asleep!

Burrowing in the couch pillows to get comfy at naptime.
A few times in the middle of the night, she will finish nursing, crawl back to her spot in the corner of the couch (yeah, we're still here), and slither under her pillow and go right back to sleep. Amazing!

She likes the big square couch pillows best. I guess they provide the best weight and pressure. And I'm all for it. She can use whatever will enable us all to get more than one or two hours of sleep at a time at night.

I'm more than a little worried about this as far as transitioning back into our room plays out. There really isn't enough room in our bed for the three of us. When she is with us, she's the only one that is in any way comfortable. But she is definitely not sleeping through the night on her own yet either.

We are looking at toddler beds, and I hope that she likes it enough to be comfy sleeping there as much as she's capable of. We will probably keep a couch pillow there for her, since that seems to be helping right now. Perhaps the pillows will be a way to gradually transition to sleeping under her weighted blanket. One step at a time.

It does put kind of a damper on my excitement of getting my room back since I know that even though I might be back in my bed, I don't think I'm going to be getting a whole lot more sleep just yet. Sigh...

It's okay though.

I'm pretty sure she has officially ditched the highchair. She prefers to be right there at the table with the rest of us, and she's been doing really well eating with us that way, so it might be time to pass that along.

She just started saying "ni-ni" (night-night), and that's an exciting addition to her relatively short list of words.

She also just today signed "eat" when she was hungry and wanted me to get her something to eat. That joins "please" and "more" and the occasional, though much prompted and demonstrated, "drink" and "ball". 

So, there are plenty of bright spots every day around here.
Especially when there are adorable little piggy toes peeking out at you from under a big fat couch pillow!

UPDATE: Kit slept ALL night in her spot under her pillow! She didn't wake up once! I'm pretty sure that is the first time EVER! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!!

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