Monday, March 11, 2013

Paint Me a Pain Pill

Good Monday!

It is with the help of extra strength Advil anyway. My body is definitely sending me the clear signals that twelve hours of painting is overdoing it just a bit.

I agree with my achy muscles, however there was little I could do to avoid it. Grandpa's new room is nearing completion, and we wanted to get it painted before the flooring goes down, aka today. So Friday we made plans to paint on Saturday afternoon, but that didn't work out so well.

Sunday, Victor had already made arrangements to take the kids and Grandpa for a drive over to some friend's house for the afternoon/evening. We worked it out over a week ago so that I would have an extended block of time to try and get caught up on things around here. He offered to cancel in order to stay and paint, but I told him to go ahead and go and I would paint.

So he took everybody, and off they went. And I painted. And painted. And painted. And didn't get any other house cleaning done (except one load of laundry).

When they arrived home shortly before ten p.m., I had just taken of my shoes and sat down for a little bit, my feet were screaming at me. So Vic painted while Kit and I snuggled and the big kids got ready for bed.

After everyone was cozy and dozy, and tucked in for the night (Kit was snoozing with Vic on the recliner), I kept at it. Sometime around 3-something I finally lay my creaky self down to get what possible zzzs I could.

So today, ouch! But surprisingly, not as bad as I anticipated. The most dissappointing thing is that I didn't actually finish, and our schedule is pretty busy the next few days, so I'm not sure when we'll be able to squeeze it in. Oh, well...

So, the STAR research center in Denver, the leading center for SPD research, is conducting a study and looking for participants. They are looking for children and parents who have, or suspect they have SPD, as well as those typically developing. You can participate of you're interested by going here.


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