Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Her Own Words

Today's post was written from Kitty Bitty's point of view as she flew solo for the afternoon. Ahhhh, the house is so quiet when the big kids are hanging out elsewhere!

Big Brother and Sister are off with friends today. What's a little sister to do?


I can climb onto their desks and write on their drawings. I can wear their shoes around. I can nap with Daddy. I can eat dog food. Or steal Grandpa's newspaper. Pretty much all the same stuff I do when they are here.

But going outside is not nearly as fun as when they are there to play too. They pretend that I am going to get them while I swing, or play that I am the monster at the bottom of the slide and they can't let go or I will eat them. I growl and gnash my teeth in true monster fashion.

They blow bubbles from the fort so that I have lots of time to try and catch them as they float down. They dig with me in the sandbox, or let me chase them while we run squealing through the yard like a bunch of little piggies.

When it's just me and Mama, it's not nearly as rockin'. Though there's plenty of actual rocks. I love to pick them up and show Mama my treasures.

Running the cars down the ramp was fun, but not as fun as when Brother makes noisy sound effects.

The sandbox is boring when there's no one to play "restaurant" with, and Mama keeps telling me not to throw the sand.

Picking flowers was fun!

So was eating them!

Here is the Slide Monster, but where is my dinner?

Nobody to scream and run away from the swing. Nobody to swing next to me.

Well, at least I finally got to try this bubble thing out myself. Even got to hold the jar and everything!

I blew ONE bubble! Just one, but it was AWESOME!

Chasing Mama's is fun too.
Yeah, getting Mommy and Daddy all to myself is cool, but it's way more exciting to fight over them with my two best buds.
Come home soon, guys!

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