Friday, March 1, 2013

No-Mess Finger Painting

I saw this idea on, and thought it was genius! Especially for a baby like mine that eats everything!

Step 1

            Place several globs of finger paint inside a re-sealable  plastic bag. Then seal and place tape over seal for reinforcement. (I used Gorilla Tape!)

Step 2

        Have fun! Let Baby squish, mash, mix, squeeze, and smack to their hearts delight!

Step 3
        Clean up is easy! Either hang their "art" on the refrigerator for display (and future use), or simply toss in garbage can.
Full disclosure: While I was really excited about this project, Kit was less than impressed. She poked at it for a few minutes, pushed and squeezed it a little bit, then decided that since the paint was contained, she wasn't interested anymore. The big kids however thought it was very cool and can't wait to do it themselves!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like fun and not too messy! Recently, we took all of the little old bits of crayons out of the box. We put muffin cups in muffin tins, and then placed the little bits of crayons in the bottom of them. We melted them in the oven (340 about 5-10 minutes), until they were all swirly. Then we put them in the fridge. A little while later, we had muffin crayons!