Thursday, March 14, 2013

Growing Grace(fuly)

Scene: I'm sitting in the recliner nursing Kit in an attempt to lure her into taking an afternoon nap. Grace enters and stands next to me.

Grace: "Mommy, I apologized to Zak for being so harsh on him about waking me up last night because he was crying because he was sick. I told him sorry for saying he was just being whiney."

Me: "Well - thank you. I'm sure he appreciated it. That was kind of you."

Grace: "You're welcome! I'm going outside now, okay?"

Me: "Okay." (did she just say "harsh"?)


Scene: Grace is in the far backseat of the van. It's just the two of us as we drive to orchestra practice. The radio is playing music.

Grace: "What happened to my favorite song? It's not on."

Me: "I don't know. What is your favorite song?"

Grace: "You know. 'Someone That I Used To Know'. I haven't heard it all day. They sang it on American Idol all the time!"

Me: "Yes they did."

Grace: "Well, I guess it just must have gotten deleted! That's too bad. It was my favorite."

(Nary had she finished when a familiar intro started up on the radio.)

Grace: "Oh I remember this music! I heard this song before!"

Me: "Well of course you have! It's 'Someone That I Used To Know'! Your favorite song."

Grace: (giggling) "Oh yeah. I knew that."

Of course she did.


Scene: Same drive, a little further down the road. Still listening to music on the radio. I emphasize that music is on.

Grace: "Oh, Mommy, I forgot! You need to call Geiko! It can save you money on car insurance!"

Me: (chuckling) "Okay, thanks for telling me."

Grace: "You're welcome!...Hey, Mommy?"

Me: "Yeah?"

Grace: "What's car insurance?"

Me: "Ummm, it's paying a little money each month or year so that just in case you get in an accident, then they will pay to fix your car."

Grace: "Oh, that's good. So are you going to call Geiko to save money on it?"

Me: "Probably not. We already have insurance."

Grace: "That's good. Is it Geiko?"

Me: (kind of in disbelief that we are still talking about this, she is so much like her father) "No. We use a company called State Farm."

Grace: "Why not the other one?"

Me: "Because, State Farm has just always been cheaper for us." (please, let's just get back to singing along to the radio!)

Grace: "Well then why do they keep showing those commercials over and over? They should just delete them!"

Me: "I agree."

Grace: "Yeah, they are so annoying!"

Oh how I miss the blissful days when we didn't get any tv. When it's just movies, there are no commercials for my children to become tiny salespeople for! (although I do think the gecko is pretty cute! it must be the accent ;)

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