Monday, March 11, 2013

Highs and Lows

We've had a very busy week. A productive week full of moments. And moments are what we typically remember. Even the not so great ones can add a lot of flavor to our life (even if that flavor tastes like rotten milk), and it's often those that end up being retold over and over again.

So I present our week in highs and lows:

High: Zak surprised me with a fistful of carefully picked and gathered clover blooms. He had that mischievous little grin on his face which means he could have anything up his sleeve. Upon revealing his bouquet from behind his back, his hand looked like a little boy's still, clutching his delicate offering to me, his mommy! He has grown so much lately that it has painfully reminded me that someday he will not emerge from his room each morning rubbing his eyes, and snuggle his sleep-warm body up next to mine. He will not stay my little boy for much longer, but maybe, he might just keep that same coy smile. And perhaps, even bring me a fistful of cheerful little flowers now and then!

Low: Zak forgot to put the milk away.

High: I love finding gargantuan-eyed bunny rabbits dressed up in Minnie Mouse polka dots just sitting ever so patiently on my kitchen counter for their young mistress to return and whisk them away to their next grand (and always dramatic) imaginary engagement.

Low: She was sitting on the counter next to the milk that Zak forgot to put away again.

High: Grace played dollar bill trivia with me asking me to find things like and owl, two tiny people, and two angels on the currency.

Low: I only found one, and only because she had kind of gestured at it the other day.

High: My barefoot baby, in a sundress, peeking out the open window at her big brother cleaning up the yard and making faces at her! Self-explanatory. Oh, by the way, he did a fantastic job picking up the yard!

Low: Zak forgot to put the milk away. And again. and again.

High: We finally found the kids' electric toothbrushes that had been misplaced since returning from their sleepover!

Low: Zak forgot to put it away when he was done. Perhaps it was keeping the milk company since Zak forgot to put that away again too.

High: Even when they couldn't find their electric toothbrushes, the kids were still brushing every night.

Low: Zak commandeered my toothbrush without my permission (and of course forgot to put it away when he was done using it, thus leaving it on the kitchen counter, next to the milk); and since that's just gross, I went to get a new one for myself out of the extras. The only extras left were baby toothbrushes. This is my current oral hygiene tool until I can get to the store and buy some new ones. Nice.


Low: He left the jelly on the counter instead.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! This sounds so typical of a day over here.