Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home Sweet ... Tuna

I didn't start out building houses for lunch. But as I cut off the crusts at an angle a roof emerged. Since I had already warmed the beans an they were sitting right there in the bowl, I thought, this would be cute.

So, I cut off the side edges of the bread also. Shaped a door and window out of green beans. A door handle and chimney out of red beans. And smoke out of wax beans. (I had warmed up a can of three bean mix.)

When Zak saw it he asked what it spelled. I said it was a picture. He said it looked like a monster with tuna drool coming out of it's mouth. What?!?!

I called Grace over an asked her what she saw. She said, "A house!"

Thank you! 

I think Zak needs to clean his glasses.


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