Thursday, January 9, 2014


This is my first letter to Kit. I started my journal of letters to her a little later than with the other kids. For a long time I couldn't quite figure out why. I'd had the journal since before she was born, but I just couldn't seem to get started. And then finally one day it hit me. Hers is no ordinary letter. Hers is music. Hers is a poem. And then I could write, for then I knew how. And still today, as true as then, she is words in motion, lyrical, and her own steady beat.


April 2, 2012

You are my music baby.

Through the music of love you came to us,
Overpowering even nature itself.

As my belly swelled, it was you who filled it, 
with sounds, notes, beats.

A whooshing, tiny heartbeat,
Steady, unyielding, the baseline.

Your musical score etched deep in each cell,
playing out the symphony of your birth.

Delicate ears heard the chorus of family.
High notes, low notes.

Some of those phrases so soft and tender.
Others fast, harsh, anxious.

When you arrived, you had your own theme song.
Some day I'll play it for you.

In my arms, it was a song that soothed you.
My voice became your lullaby.

My music eased you to sleep, calmed you.
Sometimes you would sing along.

Sweet baby coos would mix with my bow.
Delicate ahhs, in stride with the keys.

Perhaps you will be my prodigy, 
and carry the music on.

Weave it through the fabric,
of your vitality.

Dream on, Music Baby.

Imbibe the rich tones of childhood,
your own glorious aria.

Yes, dream well,
my Music Baby.

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  1. I love your writing. Prose, humor, lyrical poetry, anquish of heart, joy of life. All eloquent.