Friday, January 31, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

I'm giving myself another day!!
I got a ton of stuff done today, despite Kit not taking a nap, AGAIN! I just didn't get to the part of organizing for disposal.
But all day I kept remembering things I want to add to the piles, so I'm giving myself an extra day. A day when Daddy is home to help keep Kit busy,  and ensure she takes a nap so that I can kick some serious clutter!
So instead of  a picture of stuff I'll leave you with a little adorableness! Well, she's little, her adorableness is HUGE!!

Her outfit just couldn't have fallen together better, this was not planned, but ended up crazy adorable! Her shirt and shoes were the exact same colors and sparkles! And her little pink skirt over her black leggings! Ahhhh the cuteness!!

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