Wednesday, January 1, 2014

3 for 30 Challange

Junk! Stuff! Treasures!

Whatever we call it we have way too much of it. And I intend to lighten the load. Starting today!

I hereby challenge myself and household to get rid of 3 items (or item groups i.e. make up or bags of clothes) a day for the next 30 days! That's 90 items and collections eliminated from our cozy, but little, and sometimes crowded space!

Some days will be easy. Others might be a little more painful. Some things will be big, some small. Some old, some not so much. 

I make no promises to post my progress every day, but I will attempt to photograph and list the items for each day and compile and post regular progress reports.

I am setting aside a donation box, and once a week I will take it to one of our local second hand places to give many of these items a new home. A lot I will also simply be throwing away. Some I will be setting on the side of road for any takers.

Hopefully, after 30 days, I will have far less clutter, and more energy and motivation to keep things better organized.

If anyone feels inclined to join me, in any version that works for you, please feel free to list your goals and items in the comments! Or for those of you who blog and want to do your own version, I'm happy to provide a link from mine to yours!

Here's mine for today:

1. A board game we have owned for about 10 years and played about 2 times.
2. A make-up sampler kit
3. Grace is throwing away the broken Dora umbrella.

Hooray! Three down, 87 more to go!

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  1. Smart challenge. I like that idea :)