Friday, January 24, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

Day 22

1.) The kitty house that the kitty destroys nearly everyday. It's too flimsy for our house. I'd rather get rid of it and get him a more sturdy scratching post since he sleeps on the couch or with Grace most of the time now anyway.

2.) This is only a partial picture of the many old and non-reusable school books, but mostly notebooks that we pitched this week. We buy 'em cheap and use 'em faster.

3.) Two closet organizers that don't work at all for our closets. They are just sitting around, and I think it's time they found a new place of work.

Day 23

I don't care if this officially counts or not. It's my challenge,  so I am making it count. And it's a HUGE weight of my list of stresses.

1.) We switched dance schools. Grace has been in dance since September and while they put on an impressive "show" at the end of last year, we have come to realize that instruction is not the priority of the establishment.  Nor is treating their patrons fairly. Why should I pay a full months tuition every month when, because my daughter's class is held on a Monday, every month at least once her class is going to be cancelled due to a school inservice day without the option of a make up class? And we are expected to participate in fund raisers that benefit my daughter exactly zero, and on top of that we are supposed to pay $70-120 per costume to participate in the show, totalling $514 if she were to perform all the pieces for both her classes? No thanks.  We're done. Found a much more reasonably priced class, that only closes for normal holidays, offers make up classes, is much more focused on real instruction, and should we decide to do the recital, costumes are much more reasonable.

2.) In switching schools we also were able to put Kit in the same schools pre-gymnastics class for Kit. I'm much happier with this as gymnastics works with her body's needs better than dance. The actual gym here doesn't accept them until they are potty trained though. So this is great! Plus it's a parent participation class, which is nice. After Daddy takes her the next couple of times to let her adjust, then I can take her and I hope it will prove to be a good opportunity to spend some bonding time together. 

3.) We completed several essential house projects, which included repainting the kitchen, and installing more shelves in there. A great deal more space has been created with more efficiency of the space used. I also have been going through loads of papers, old study magazines, broken art supplies, and numerous other odds and ends that I didn't stop to take pictures of because I was on a roll! 

Not exactly where I want to be at this point in the project,  but I always procrastinate. Deadlines are very useful to me. I'm still trying! This week kicked me pretty hard. But I'm about to kick back!  We will NOT be making an appearance on Hoarders anytime soon!

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  1. Yes, I think it's valid in your 3 for 30 Challenge. It's not just "things" that clutter our lives and hamper progress and forward vision. It's definitely money- and time- and energy-wasting activities that have lost their original purpose.
    Good to find better alternatives that HELP rather than hinder family goals.