Thursday, January 23, 2014

It Could Always Be Worse

Today was horrible.

This thought kept rattling around my head all afternoon and evening.

Not again

As I rocked and sang and did sensory integration therapy in what was quickly proving to be another failed attempt to get Kit to nap.

Argh! Come on!

As I hear the big kids bickering on the other side of the bathroom door.

Ugh! Good grief!

When Zak informs me that Kit has smeared chocolate on the dry erase board.

I just knew this was going to happen!

As I am cutting Thinking Putty out of Kit's hair because I couldn't reach her in time to take it from her, and of course she wouldn't bring it to me because today was just not a complying sort of day!


The list continues throughout the evening, and to my great surprise but wonderful relief,  stopped just short of me getting thrown up on.

In fact, nobody threw up today.

No one needed x-rays.

Daddy arrived home safely.

Kit did eventually fall asleep, despite having emense difficulty staying that way.

It's ok that the kids didn't do much school.

It's ok that they messed up our pizza, we ended up with two!

It's ok...

Because despite the hiccups, and derailments, and unexpected twists and turns, and even the tears...

Today was still good.

We smiled. We laughed.

We got a few chores done.

I hugged each of my kids today and told them I love them.

I understood my baby even when she lost her words.

I was here.

I was engaged.

I worked hard and contributed to the good of the day.

And we all went to bed content.


Today was good!

As I look back over the course of our day's events.

There were so many things that could have been better. But they weren't any worse, so that in itself is worth celebrating.

I made a difference.

As I remember that weathering the storm doesn't mean we don't get wet, but that we got to see both sides of it. That we experienced it.

This right here is life! From Thinking Putty to free pizza! I got to experience it all.

I'm ready.

As I think about tomorrow, but...

Please! Let them sleep in!

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