Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

Day 19!

1.) A couple of magnet writing boards the kids don't play with anymore. We had three, Grace insisted that she loves them, so I let her pick one to keep and the other two are moving on now.

2.) A cute supply box I got when we bought Zak's Kindergarten curriculum. It has served us well, but has been moatly empty and unused for a while, and its longer size makes it difficult to fit in the places we would prefer to keep it.

3.) Zak's m&m dispenser he bought at a garage sale. He thought he would like/use it more. I'm so proud of him for letting this one go voluntarily!

Ok, we're doing good! 11 more days, 33 more things. Coming bedroom. EEEKK!!!

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