Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

Day 25

1.) I cleaned out the sock box today. These are the ones that have been in there for close to a year and are still single. Now that I finally threw them out, their partners will finally show up looking for them!

2.) A nice pair of dress shoes that don't fit any of the guys here and so have been serving as a door stop fot too long. Time to find some feet guys.

3.) A candle wax warmer. I'm out of tealights to use with this and I don't have any plans to buy more anytime soon. One less thing to dust.

Day 26

1.) Giving back the borrowed guitar that we never learned how to play because our life is already completely nutty.

2.) This flannel blanket will help keep Nana nice and toasty on these chilly nights.

3.) More clothes. (But still not enough to find the floor everywhere we want to!)

Day 27

1.) A tv without out a remote is like apple pie without ice cream, sure it's still fun, but it doesn't quite give you the whole experience. The story behind this tv is long and mostly boring. Let's leave it at it's been in the closet for a year. Please, Honey! Let's give it a chance at adoption! 

2. and 3.) Clothes, clothes, and more stinkin' clothes! (Of course I'm not giving them away "stinkin", it's just a figure of speech.)  I'm still trying to figure out how we have this much clothing. I've come to the conclusion that clothes are like Tribbles...cute, but man do they reproduce at warp speed! (You might be a Trekkie...) (especially if you looked it up to double check the spelling! Ha!)


We are reaching the home stretch! I'm actually a little worried, I really thought I had way more stuff to get rid of, but outside of mountains of clothes, we've cut out just about everything that we don't use and probably never will. 

Remaining items, even seldom used ones, either are waiting for someone to grow into them, or are specific purpose items, like household paint supplies, craft items, and extra comforters (I can't count the number of puky nights that I have been soooo grateful that I kept these on hand!)

Nevertheless, I WILL find nine more items to be rid of by tomorrow night! (Yes, I've given myself a grace-day. It's my challenge, I can do whatever I want!) Actually I already have a bunch I know of, I just have to collect them and take pictures. 

Here's to less clutter! (Without giving away children and old men.)

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  1. So many things gone! Good for you and your family. Space is always needed, so that we can fill it up again. ;) Very witty writing. So funny.
    Made it enjoyable to follow :)