Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

Day 21

1.) Two toddler sleeping bags. My big kids outgrew these a while back, but I really resisted separating the pair. They were a gift at my baby shower for Grace, so I really wanted them to stick together and to help make many more happy memories for other little people. So, I'm giving them to Auntie. They will be there as the littlest nieces and nephews grow and get to make memories at Auntie's house. And in that wonderful way, I'm not really giving them away at all! (But they still count here. They did leave my house!)

2.) Nana went home with an extra blanket today. I'm glad it can warm her knees instead of sit on a closet shelf. :)

3.) I love the fabric and colors on this dress, but it is the most unflattering (to me) thing I may have ever put on. To even begin to hang right on me, I would have to grow about four inches. Ha! I'll get right on that. Or I could just give the thing away. Yeah, think I'll just go with that option. 

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