Monday, January 13, 2014

Playing with Toys!

I'm very happy about this mess!

I'm happy because it meant she was doing this...

Playing with her toys! The way they are meant to be played with, mostly!

She still loves her beloved circles most and loves to stack them and line them up and organize the rest by color! But now...

She is finally interested in other things as well! Like nesting her buckets. A very age appropriate activity, even if she insists on separating them by color.

More circles. But...

She loves to play with the dishes now. ALL the dishes, not just the lids. She pretends to cook! And serve! And eat!

She still loves to line things up and count them. But now she's also willing to...

Match pairs instead of only lining them up!

She is a little less frustrated when things don't go exactly her way, like when the train tracks come apart. 

She still loves to sort things by color, but she's also interested in building now. She finally will build block towers instead of just sorting the blocks. 

She is beginning to actively use her imagination. This baby had a diaper rash, so she put diaper cream on her. Nice.  

She now actually plays with other toys in the bath besides just plastic hangers. In fact, her last two baths she hasn't even asked for her hangers at all!

This girl really loves to sort!

But now she loves to be silly too. Her sense of humor is really starting to show, and it is as adorable as the rest of her!

So, yes, I have a whole new appreciation for her messes around here. They are evidence of growth, and progress. Much welcome progress!


  1. Fun blog to follow. You do a nice job of informing and entertaining.
    Happy to see such a sweet little girl progressing. :)
    Good Job Mom

  2. I love her eyeball to eyeball investigation of her little "people"! And the hat!!