Saturday, January 18, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

Day 16 

1.) A bunch of learning cds we unfortunately never used and they have sat around for three years now. Part of me says you'll use them, you will! But the practical part says, we don't even have a working cd player anymore, just move on.

2.) A velcro toss game we lost the ball to a long time ago and these were buried At the back of the closet. 

3.) A couple of dollies who need a new mama, they are currently being neglected here.

Day 17

1.) If I had to give up my egg cartons then Victor has to give up his "back up collection" of plastic cutlery from various eateries. I saved a handful of the really sturdy ones but the rest are gone. It's ok, Babe, just rip it off, like a bandaid.

2.) A bag of Fuzzy Sticks that a friend of ours will enjoy more than my kids who have had these on their top shelf for months.

3.) A basically new dehumidifier that we bought in our camper days, but has been stored since we bought our house. To the pawn shop ye shall go.

Day 18
 (I admit, I'm pretty tired)

1.) Emerald Green Thinking Putty. I HATE this. It stains everything. I have forbidden the kids from playing with it. Good Riddance! (I LOVE all of the other colors of this brand of putty that we have though, it's a great brand, and I highly recommend it, and they may have since changed the Emerald Green to a new, non-staining formula.)

2.) A scattered deck of bent up spilled on cards that has been incomplete for many months.

3.) A puzzle which was enjoyed, but now sits idle, and so shall go forth to seek a new a galaxy far far away...


  1. Practical, clever and funny. Good cleaning!

  2. Nooooooooooo!