Monday, January 13, 2014

3 for 30 Challenge

So we had a pretty busy weekend, most of which was spent trying to find studs to hang up our new shelves. Not even remotely kidding. Bob Villa himself would have been puzzled to say the least. Argh! So frustrating! 

But Us vs. Wall finally ended with us getting four wonderfully functional and space saving shelves installed without demolishing the walls, which was briefly considered at the height of aggravation. 

Nevertheless, the purge continues, so...


1.) Wii protectors that we never use and have been sitting in a drawer since Kit ceased using them as chew toys.

2.) Some wax scent things that I bought about four years ago and have never used because they are too perfume-y.

3.) By beloved egg cartons. I hate throwing these away, but I had way too many. Victor commented that they may be the gateway to future hoarding. Bye bye egg cartons. 


Day 12!

1.) We have stuffed animals coming out our ears! So I told the kids to pick two each. Thankfully there were no tears, just grumbling.

2.) While it seems simple logic that a broken toy gets thrown away, that logic does not apply to Zak's attachment to his remote control car. I'm including this because it was no easy task to convince him to part with this irreparable part of that treasured toy. 

3.) We are passing on our neglected Flexies to some friends who always enjoy playing them when hanging out here. Happy flexing buddies!

Day 13!

1.) Nana passes on her National Geographics to me, and I will now pass them on to another friend.

2.) And when I finish my Reader's Digests, I pass them on to Nana!

3.) Our newest park has a feature I LOVE! It is a book nook! It's a community book trade. A little box in the shape of a library, where one can come to read a book, take a book, or donate a few! I will be donating a few to find new homes with happy readers!

Whew! Happy Monday!


  1. Making progress! Good for you all. And I do know it's a group effort! Love the book and magazine sharing, too.
    I'll wait a while before I pass on some more!

  2. I would love to see a photo of the book nook if you feel like posting one. It sounds really cool!