Monday, April 15, 2013

Bye, Bye Musical Mondays :(

We like Mondays around here. Mondays are progress days. They are get up early days. They are get-the-house-in-decent-shape days. They are motivation-for-the-next-few-days, days.

Yes, Monday's are busy around here. They lately have started off like every other day here. Each of us hanging on to the remnants of a dream, then gradually, one by one the trickle of sleepy-eyed residents emerge from our respective dens and burrows.

Grandpa almost always wakes first, followed soon after by Victor, who takes the breakfast shift. He fetches the paper for Grandpa, and eats breakfast with him. He'll make coffee if there isn't any set up, which there usually isn't because I have forgotten, again, to set it up. So I don't get to complain when my first cup of tea, coffee, isn't as robust as I usually prefer. (Although he finally figured out the measurements and it comes out very delicious now.)

Zak and Grace seem to trade shifts every few weeks as to which of them wakes first, but either way the other usually follows within half an hour or so. By this time, usually 8:30 or so, Kit has finally settled in from her wee morning hours restlessness, and is sleeping the most soundly of her whole night. That means that I am attempting to ignore the crescendo of voices drifting in from the other room and still salvage the last precious hour of sleep available to me.

Zak's appointments with Dr. N have typically been on Mondays, so that usually gives us a good start to the week.

Grandpa's nurse normally comes on Mondays, and despite his irritation that she "insists" on coming every week, he is quite happy for the attention and a new listening ear.

Mondays around here have also been my day for orchestra rehearsals for the past several months increasing in frequency up to once a week for the past month and a half. I love orchestra!

We are a group made up entirely of volunteers. Of all ages and skill levels. And we have a great time!

Last night was the night, our big concert! "Puttin' on the Ritz!" We played music from Broadway and the movies and it was great. We had a full house, a Champaign fountain (non-alcoholic cuz it's a family affair), a chocolate fountain (Zak happily filled his Champaign flute with this!), and a standing ovation! All-in-all a pretty great night!

Grace found a ritzy smiley face while we were shopping for a pretty hair clip.

It was the first time I have ever had the privilege of playing in an ensemble with my mom! I play violin and she took on the viola this year and, of course, is a natural at it. The only one missing at the concert was my sister, who faithfully made almost every rehearsal, only to end up no being able to play with us after all. I guess she had a pretty good reason though, giving birth to my nephew on Friday and all!

Meeting his Mama!

Yes, I'm the delighted aunt of another bubbly baby boy! Great big hugs and welcome to our little Gummy Bear! (So I guess we can't be too upset at having to survive without half of our saxophone section last night :)

With each concert comes a little sadness though as our Monday night practices cease for the summer. I will miss many things about these particular Mondays between now and September.

I will miss getting to make music with a group instead of all by my lonesome, which I have never been very fond of except for when I play piano. I will also miss getting to see and visit with friends who live farther away so we don't get to catch up in person as often. But a major part of what makes orchestra so special is that it is something I get to do just for me. It is an indulgence much better than chocolate, and far less fattening!

I love getting to drive the hour and twenty minutes all by myself. I get to pick what music to listen to, if any. I can carry on a phone conversation (via ear bud) without little people interrupting me to find their lost shoes, toys, underwear. Mostly, I just get to savor that quiet time, the being alone. Which is vital for someone who is with her children ALL THE TIME! On orchestra nights, I feel truly spoiled!

But it's a positive thing also, our summer break. Victor is very happy at the prospect of having me back on Monday nights. Even though they usually have a pretty good time without me.

I'd like to take advantage of our summer Mondays by putting them to fun use! We have several options to choose from. We could reinstitute Family Swim Night. We could assign each Monday in the month a different activity, like mini-golf, bowling, visiting the nearby State Park, the beach, a picnic dinner, we have a lot of choices. Maybe three out of the four can be free or very cheap, less than twenty dollars, and then once a month we could splurge a little.

Tonight, though I think we are probably just going to chill. And by chill I mean fold about 300 loads of laundry. (and still end up with as many mate-less socks!)

Merry Monday everybody!


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  1. I also love to take a drive without the chitter chatter of multiple little conversations directing, asking & demanding from my peaceful drive. :-)