Friday, April 5, 2013

Fix-It Fridays

Well, we finally have Grandpa all settled in his room. And aside from the occasional memory lapse when he will go into ours accidently, or the times that he was sure he had taken something in there and went to look for it, the transition to his new room has been fairly smooth.

We're still in the process of moving back into ours. I was sick over the weekend and spent the time between feverish highs napping. The only thing I managed to do in our room was strip the bed.

We are gradually making our way back in though. Kit and I, however, won't likely make our final move off the couch until I track down a toddler bed. There isn't any point in moving over sooner.

Spring Cleaning...ACHOOO!

Well, you have heard me ranting periodically about us being gradually suffocated by the hurricane of disarray here over the last three months. So the time has come to roll up our sleeves and bust through this mess! Hang my allergies!  

We all function much calmer and cheerier when our home is tidier. An added benefit is how much more the kids are able to help when everything has a clear and accessible place to be put away in. They become much more self-sufficient and cooperative when it comes to their chores, which means less stress and work for me! An all around win-win.

In order to not get too overwhelmed we are taking things one step at a time. I am letting someone else do the thinking so that I can simply follow the plan and execute some brutal blows to our bulging burdens. The Spring 2013 Project Simplify is a four week action plan to help everyone whose interested reorganize the hot-spot problem areas so that we can be good to go for summer time. Oy, I don't even want to think about summer!

If you would  like to learn more or join (you don't have to do anything but  your own cleaning :)  visit for more tips!

Project Simplify on Simple Mom
I will be giving myself from Friday to Friday to complete each week's task, and will post my progress (or lack thereof) each Friday for the next four weeks. I will try to remember to take (embarrassing but real) before and (hopefully much improved) after photos to share.
This weeks project:
I have at least four drawers and several shelves that need some serious attention. So, let's get busy!

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