Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fix-it Friday

Warning: This post contains a hideous, horrible, disgusting closet disaster!
Today on fix-it Fridays we took on That Pesky Closet!
It was just Kitty Kat and me today. I had very little expectation of accomplishing any real tasks today. But, today started off on a high note! As I posted this morning, last night was our first attempt at KIT sleeping in her own bed. Albeit in the living room, but hers nevertheless, and not ours! And she did amazingly well!
She woke up once at 2:30, and I'm pretty sure that was only because the temperature unexpectedly dropped, and she was wearing just a onsie. Once she was snuggly warm in long sleeves and stretch pants, she nursed, fell back asleep and I put her back in her bed where she snoozed until 7 am!! Then she came to snuggle and nurse with me.
That is so HUGE! But we shall see if she keeps it up.
After she dozed back off this morning, I got up, made fresh coffee, and went to meet the monster head on. What monster?
This one:
[Cue Psycho Music] 
Are your eyes burning?!
Mine too!!
Now please try to understand that this closet hasn't always looked like this. This is the Grizzabella (from Cats) of our house. It has certainly seen much more beautiful days. But lately, it has been on the losing end of a battle called Mommy Stretched Too Thin.
Like I mentioned last week everything just gets thrown in (especially when the kids are "cleaning" their room) and then forgotten about. I think that may be what Grace was trying to model here.

I don't really know why she decided to suddenly just strike a pose.
That pose? No idea.
So, even before my first cup of coffee, I dove in. (Yeah, that's how desperate I was to get this done!) I focused primarily on laundry and trash. Laundry was the primary culprit in the pile up on the floor. Once that was out of the way it already looked a hundred times better.
After that I took a coffee break and napped until Kit woke up for the day. Then after breakfast it was on to Grandpa's room. We changed the sheets and towels, cleaned the bathroom, swept and vacuumed!!
And by we, I mean - me. Kit helped by opening every drawer, nosey thing. Then by banging out a robust rhythm on the shower door. Then finally, I sat her in the rocking chair and turned on his tv. She watched Judge Joe Brown while I finished the bathroom. Whew!
Later, we returned to the closet. I covered the ladder to the bunk bed by hanging Zak's weighted blanket over the rungs. It was too heavy for her to pull down, though she did try to move it aside several times.
I handed her toys to put in different containers. She did well for a little while, but got distracted. As I sorted clothes, I gave her the play dishes. She rummaged through them for a bit, then suddenly left. After a minute I called her, she didn't come. A quick glance revealed she wasn't on the beds, nor in the room anymore.
As I walked through the bedroom I heard the water running in the bathroom next door.

I found her standing on the closed toilet lid holding her pot under the running water. So that's why she left so quick! She needed to fill her pot, or wash it, I'm not sure which. It was very cute, but still resulted in the bathroom door being securely closed.
After several more breaks, we finally got the closet mostly organized. There are still some toys that haven't been put away yet. And I need a few more containers to finish up, but it is a complete turn around! And I still have shelf space left. Lots of it in fact! See for yourself!
I will not show you the adjacent laundry room, however.
The Laundry Monster threw up in there.
(Kit and I definitely earned our delicious Chicken Primavera from our favorite Italian place down the road. She and I took a walk to pick it up. Then she was mad when we were done so she protested by refusing to take off her jacket.)

So on to the next assignment:
Umm, I may need more than a week for this one. Especially since I can't seem to finish any of my tasks until 8 o'clock on Friday night!
Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Wow! Those are some incredible transformations! I'm in awe!!!