Friday, April 19, 2013

Mission Impossible?

 If you're just joining us and you are wondering why I need to figure out how to transition my baby from the couch into the toddler bed we just bought (fantastic flea market find!), you can get all caught up here, here, here, and the first few paragraphs here.  

Our mission:
Get this baby -
To sleep in this bed -
In our room.


This year?
Step one: get baby onto bed.
Step two: get baby to understand that it is not just a trampoline.
Ummmm...maybe later.
Step three: introduce pillow.
Okay...abort further pillow attempts.
Step four: associate bed with a plesant experience.
Step five: explain concept of "ni-night" on new bed.
Not quite.

Okay, it's actually bed time.

Step six: make bed as much like sleeping space on couch as possible.
Step seven: get baby to sleep (daddy does this part, he puts on soft love songs and holds her on his lap in the nook of his arm, by the second song she's out!), and complete transfer of sleeping baby into the bed.
Step...which one are we on? Eight! Right, step eight: Cover sleeping baby with couch pillow (AKA - the only covering she will tolerate when sleeping).
Step nine: find sleeping baby among all the couch pillows.
There she is!
Step ten: hope against hope that this miraculously works right away and that we can get this bed out of our living room and into our bedroom over the weekend...maybe?
Or just have a piece of chocolate and try to relax, then try to sleep.
A little.

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