Monday, April 1, 2013

Progress Report

Zak had his fourth visit with Dr. N today. All of his visits have gone really well.

Today after their visit, she told me that she feels like he is a very smart and secure kid, who isn't likely to have any major problems due to his sensory issues. While she agrees that his sensory issues will probably always be a factor for him and sometimes a challenge, she said that he is getting more and more self-aware of his needs and what does and doesn't help. That is key to him being able to successfully self-regulate.

She highlighted that because he is bright and communicative, and because he has a good support network at home that he is going to be just fine, and encouraged us to keep trying out new things to see if they help. He has another appointment in two weeks, then I'm not sure how much longer she plans to keep seeing him. It sounds to me like he probably won't need routine visits, but we'll see.

As for Kitty Kat, Dr. N recommends her seeing someone more specialized working with kids that young, most likely an occupational therapist. She is going to make some calls then get back to me.

Whew! Hopefully some help for Kitty Bitty soon! Because truth be told, it's her issues that are the most stressful (and dangerous at times!) since she can't communicate like Zak can, and there is not as much that she can do for herself like he can. She's the one who pinches and bites for input, and who actually started signing and saying "more" when I bounce her on the exercise ball! Over and over she asks for more, until my arms literally ache, and I simply can't lift her anymore. Then she has a major meltdown when I put it away in the other room! So, was it too much, or not enough?! I have no clue.

With her it's easy to see that she needs something, but it's so difficult to figure out what.

Okay, more on all that later!

Have a beautiful evening everybody.


  1. I'm glad you are starting to get some answers. It'll really put your mind at ease. I think the worst part sometimes is not knowing what's going on. Hopefully you can get some help soon!

  2. JC started therapy at 1 year old and it was such a great experience for us! Just having someone understand and tell me there was a reason for his behavior and how I could help him was such a load off of me! Hoping you find the same relief with Kitty Kat!