Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grandfatherly Wisdom

Today Grandpa insisted on picking up a bunch of stuff that Kit had scattered across the kitchen floor. Then Kit was offended that he had ruined all her hard work and promptly dumped a bunch more stuff on the floor.

So then Grandpa picked it up. Then Kit dumped it out again. And again. And again.

Finally, I recruited back-up. Zak ran Kit a bath and I quickly cleaned up while Grandpa warmed up his coffee (which was the whole reason he came into the kitchen 30 minutes before to start with), then wiped off the counters (pouring out my coffee which I was really not done drinking), and table, then had to warm up his coffee because it had cooled off, again.

Things finally calmed down with Kit corralled in the tub, and Grandpa finally able to sit down and drink his coffee and read a good book (Grace's math book actually).

Now he's watching March of the Penguins with Grace. Grandpa likes to add in interesting facts that the narrator leaves out.

He's telling Grace that the penguins are very tall.

Almost as tall as her. Maybe taller. (True)

Now they are as tall as him! Even a little bit taller! (

Well, we deffinately learn something new around here everyday.

Thank goodness we have a resident expert since Morgan Freeman apparently is misinformed about how tall emperor penguins are.

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