Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zak Attack!

This morning, while I snuggled and snoozed with Kit and Grace, Zak was busy at the kitchen table creating adventures and masterpieces with his collection of Bok Choy Boys. Zak calls them his ninjas. He stealthily snuck my phone and photographed his handiwork. So here I present to you - Zak's Adventures with Ninjas!

"Why are we all lining up? We going somewhere?"

Just follow the Bok Choy Boy road...

Castle: Top view

Castle: Front view

Look Ma! I'm snorkeling!

JAWS - by Ninjas (wait, where did the snorkeler go!)

"Hey! Let's tell these people some shark jokes!"

Q. What is a shark's favorite sandwich?A. Peanut butter and jellyfish!

Q. Why are shark comedians so funny?
A. Their wit is as sharp as their teeth!

Q. What do sharks call little kids?
A. Appetizers

Q. Why don't sharks attack lawyers?
A. Professional courtesy.

Q. What hobby does a shark like best?
A. Anything he can sink his teeth into.

And last but not least:

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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