Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fix-It Fridays

Okay, so it's not technically Friday any more. It's been a really crazy busy couple of days. And all week I've been trying to steal away time to get my projects done, but something major always seems to interrupt.

Finally though this evening, Victor took Kit and gave me a couple hours to work. And work I did! I didn't accomplish everything I had hoped to this week, but something is better than nothing!

And I even cooked! (So what if we didn't eat till 9:30!) This was only possible thanks to a friend who generously helped me wash the dishes today while we visited. :)

So here's what I did get done that was on the list (I accomplished more, but it wasn't part of this weeks mission):

This is our game cupboard. Everyone was afraid to touch it for fear everything might come tumbling out. Every time the door opened playing cards and game tokens came flying out like they were trying to escape. My goal with this closet is to keep everything really accessible to the kids, but easy for them to keep all parts together and put stuff away themselves. I hope some of the new containers help.
This is our kitchen junk drawer and it was at the point that it barely closed any more. Upon cleaning it out I discovered that most of what was in there was unused pacifiers and about 9 million ketchup packets! Now it is actually functional again. Yay! 

Here's what's left (ugh):

Our electronics/gaming drawer.

Guess which shelf is located directly above Zak's desk?
And basically everything in the kids room:

This week's project:

Oh boy, do I have a whopper of a pesky closet! Zak and Grace and I all share the "big" closet. It is big (but not huge at all) and there is a lot of shelf space in there. Aside from our hanging clothes, it also is supposed to house their toys, extra school supplies, extra blankets, suitcases, bags of clothes the kids haven't grown into yet, and other miscellaneous items. That is a lot to ask of a closet, and right now it looks as though everything just keeps getting thrown in there on the floor (which is basically exactly what's been happening). This makes for a very perilous journey to fetch an outfit. Not really the kind of adventure I'm looking for when I want to get dressed.

So I shall tackle it. I will plunder. I WILL WIN! (and then have to do it all over again in two months :)


  1. wow! awesome "after" photos of the closet and drawer!! way to go!! YOU WILL WIN! :-)

  2. Thanks for rooting for me! I saw that you're on a roll too! Way to go! We shall conquer our clutter!!