Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WORDY WEDNESDAY: Creative Writing

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!
Today's subject:
Well, sort of.
Between being sick myself over the weekend, and Kit having a fever almost all day and night yesterday, and trying to keep things from completely falling apart, I did not have the time or energy to prepare or research any of the subjects I was hoping to get to work on.  So, I took a couple of sick days.
But, always full of surprises, Zak decided to engage in a "writing" project instead  of doing math yesterday. And photographed his story to share with all of you. He has happily adopted his pseudonym and enjoys signing it to his masterpieces he thinks might make interesting blog material. What a little ham!
So here for your literary pleasure is an original multi-media work of fiction by - ZAK.
(This has not been edited. I am presenting it exactly as I found it in my photo gallery. So the spelling is, well, creative. As I've mentioned before, that is not his strong suit. But that's all part of what makes it so stinkin' cute!)
The fine print reads: Toothbrushes are not all myn 
Well, at least it proves that he CAN find these items when he really wants to! 

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